Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers – A Boomer Tech Best Buy

BoseCompanionFrontViewIf you need an extra set of speakers for a bedroom or a small apartment you cannot do better than the Bose Companion 2 Series III speaker system.  At only $100 these little speakers produce amazingly good sound room-filling sound.

Bose advertises the System III as computer speakers and certainly they are ideal for that use.  Bu what I really like them for is as an inexpensive sound system for the bedroom TV.  Like almost all Bose speakers they have a very wide soundstage.  The wide soundstage effect isn’t for everyone, but it does make the speakers seem larger than they are.

BoseCompanionInputsOne of the nice features that is not typically found on speakers this inexpensive is the aux input jack.  What this does is allow you to have a second audio source connected all the time.  For example, have a TV as your primary source, then add a Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter so you can listen to any bluetooth enabled source.  It will sound better than the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker sound system and cost a lot less.   Of course if you need the portability offered by the SoundLink then it is still a good choice.  If you are lucky you can get a pretty good deal on used SoundLink at the Bose “factory renewed” store.

What drawback do these speakers have?  Not a lot of bass.  If you like pounding bass you won’t get it from these speakers.  You can hear the bass but you won’t feel it. For someone who likes more bass and doesn’t mind giving up some space to a subwoofer both Logitech and Klipsh sell excellent PC speakers for just a little more money.  BoseCompanionSpeakersBackSidePersonally I don’t mind the lack of bass and these tiny Bose speakers produce such clear, lifelike sound that I find the trade-off acceptable.

I believe most people will find the Companion Series III speakers an excellent value.  They are well made, inexpensive speakers that produce very nice sound and are versatile enough that they shouldn’t be thought of as just computer speakers.

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