Klipsch Pro Media vs. Bose Companion II Speakers

Klipsh-Pro-MediaKlipsch, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a highly regarded speaker manufacturer.  They make Surround Sound Speakers, Floor Standing Speakers, Bookshelf Speakers, Flat Panel Speakers and Computer Speakers.  Their Pro Media Computer Speakers are their least expensive and therefore (because I could afford them) the subject of this review.

What I’ve found is that good Computer Speakers like Klipsch Pro Media and the Bose Companion Series speakers are good for more than just computers.  Hook them up to your HDTV and you have a very good sound system for very little money.


If you’re trying to decide which set of speakers to buy, the Pro Media vs. Bose, stop and think about how you will be using them and what is important to you in terms of sound.  If you like a lot of bass, the Klipsch are for you.  The included sub-woofer really delivers.  If you like the wide soundstage effect that Bose is known for and not all that interested in pounding bass, you will probably be happier with the Bose speakers.

Another thing to consider: do you like your music / movies loud?  The Klipsh are capable of much higher volume than Bose.  This is particularly important if you are trying to fill a larger room (like a living room) with sound.  On the other hand, if you just want a set of external speakers for your bedroom TV, the Companions will get plenty loud enough.  Plus the Bose Companions have the  advantage of taking up less space.

The one thing I wouldn’t base your decision on is price.  It’s true the Companions are usually about $50 less than the Klipsch speakers, but in my opinion the difference in price isn’t significant enough to use as a basis for your purchase decision.

After all is said and done, I give a slight, very very slight edge to the Bose Companion II computer speakers.  The Companions, in my opinion, have a purer, cleaner sound. I also like the wide soundstage that Bose is known for. I must emphasize this is just my opinion, I like the “Bose” sound, not everybody does. For those who don’t, Klipsch Pro Media are a great alternative.  Which ever speakers you pick, you really can’t go wrong.

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