Hi, I’m Doug.  I hope Boomer Tech Reviews has been helpful to you.  I’ve designed it for members of the Boomer generation like me and my friends.  I love new technology but was born just a little too early to be part of the video game generation so I turned to writing.

Over the years my friends – knowing my love of computers, gadgets and technology in general – have been coming to me for advice on what computer to buy or what tablet.  A decade or two ago people came to me for help on what CD player to buy or how to setup their VCR (and stop it’s damn clock from blinking).  Before that it was which stereo speakers or which cassette deck to buy.   It only took me 40 years or so to sense a pattern and that led to the creation of Boomer Tech Reviews.

I try to keep the reviews simple and to the point.  If you are like me, you care more about what a product does  than how it does it.  You want to know whether it is reliable, easy to use and is a good value.  I won’t try to impress you with technical jargon or bury you in useless data; as Joe Friday used to say, just the facts.

Well, Boomer Tech Reviews is here for you, let me know if it helps.

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