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The new Surface 2 Tablets – A Step Forwa

On Monday, September 2nd, Microsoft announced that the Surface family of tablets is growing. Two new Surface models — Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 — in addition to some new Surface accessories, will be available at Microsoft retail stores, and select third-party retailers and commercial resellers in 22 initial markets on Oct. 22  (China in […]

Surface Pro Vs. iPad Generation 3

In October of 2012 Microsoft released the Windows 8 operating system to the general public along with version 10 of Internet Explorer. At about the same time Microsoft released its first tablet computer, the Surface RT. Other than the X Box, Microsoft hasn’t had much luck with hardware – the Zune MP3 player comes to […]

Roku streaming audio/video player

Verdict:  a Boomer Best Buy.  Once you have one you will wonder how you lived without it. There was a period of time, when the economy was running on all cylinders, when my wife and I thought nothing of spending $160 a month for cable TV and high-speed internet.  Two things happened that made us decide […]

Google Nexus 7 – Is It Worth The Hype?

With a great deal of fanfare the Google Nexus 7 tablet arrived on the market and supply has caught up with demand.  This being the case I went to my local Staples store (Staple’s has an exclusive on the Nexus 7 tablet) and picked one up.  Imagine my disappointment after reading all the glowing reviews.  […]

Logitech® Wireless Speaker Adapter

Verdict: Perfect for Boomers. You’ll will never get more for $40.00 The Logitech® Wireless Speaker Adapter for Bluetooth® audio devices is one of the most useful devices I have purchased in years. What it does is allow you to wirelessly connect your existing stereo system to any device that has Bluetooth built into it. And […]